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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy


As we move through life our bodies absorb, process, and filter our experiences. We are often not aware that our thoughts and feelings remain stored within us and can be the underlying cause of stress, emotional discomfort, and physical pain. Our bodies become a window into the personal dynamics of our unconscious mind.


Phoenix Rising offers a way to explore the relationship between your body, your mind and your life in a private context tailored to your needs. Phoenix Rising combines classical yoga techniques and meditation with contemporary psychology. This work creates greater self-awareness and allows for deep release and healing of mind, body and spirit.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a process that supports you in seeing, listening and knowing yourself better. It can help you reshape the way you experience your daily life and it can add value to each experience.


In just 90 minutes you could see yourself in a brand new light!


Schedule your Phoenix Rising session now:


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