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Couples Therapy


Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time."

- Dr. Julie Gottman



Relationships can be difficult and remaining open and vulnerable to another person is a challenge but nothing satisfies like true intimacy—it satisfies deeply. I am passionate about helping couples find their way back to a healthy, happy union.  


My approach to couples work is holistic, empathic and intuitive. I want to understand your relationship as deeply as I can so that I may uncover the barriers to growth and intimacy.

I begin by meeting with the couple together, uncovering both strengths and weaknesses in the relationship.  I then like to meet with each partner individually to gain a better understanding of your individual perspectives and attachment styles. Once I have a better understanding of your unique dynamic I provide my perspective and help to resolve conflicts, improve communication and overcome the barriers to intimacy.


Topics for couples therapy can include:


  • Communication problems

  • Sexual intimacy issues

  • Affair recovery

  • Pre-marital insight work

  • Conflicts over parenting differences


I work with couples married and unmarried, opposite and same-sex.


I am a happily married marriage and family therapist and I know well the hard work that goes into a long-term relationship. I also know that a solid relationship can be a source of great strength and inspiration. If you are struggling in your relationship and long to feel more connected to your partner then I would love to help you. 







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