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I encourage all of my clients to begin a regular meditation practice, as it helps with so many of the daily challenges of being human.

Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, aids memory and increases self-awareness. For those who value autonomy, know that meditation helps in self-knowledge and self-control.

If you can observe your own emotions then you can control them; If you are in control of your own emotions then no one else can control you!



Nadi Shodhana

One simple technique I practice regularly is Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing. One cycle of Nadi Shodhana takes less than five minutes and can be done anywhere. Studies show that this practice increases the depth of respiration anywhere from 7-10 times beyond regular respiration. It feels as if you're getting more oxygen to your brain-- always a good thing.


Begin from a comfortable seated position. Using your right hand, close off your right nostril and take five slow breaths through just your left nostril. Then close off your left nostril and take five slow breaths through your right nostril. Next, release your hand and take five slow breaths through both nostrils.


Opposite hemispheres of the brain control opposite sides of the body. A cycle of Nadi Shodhana helps to harmonize the flow of energy into both brain hemispheres. It also helps to slow and focus the mind, as it settles in on the task of breathing and counting.


More meditations coming soon!



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